Share "Savings" Accounts

Share "Savings"

Works just like a Savings Account, but you earn dividends. Dividends are paid quarterly. The dividend rates are determined near the end of the quarter by the elected Board of Directors. The dividend rate and annual percentage yield may change every dividend period. $100 minimum daily balance required to earn a dividend on regular share “savings” / $5.00 minimum for youth. Federally insured by the NCUA to $250,000.00.

Youth Share "Savings"

Our youth share “savings” account earns the highest dividend rate for the quarter. The minimum balance required in the youth account is $5.00. A member is considered a youth until their 19th birthday. After the 19th birthday, the account is then transferred into a regular share “savings”.

Share Draft "Checking"

No minimum balance requirement. No monthly service fee. Write as many checks as you wish. Monthly statements. Members purchase share draft “checks”. VISA check card.

Christmas Club

The Christmas Club is a share account in which a transfer is made every October 1st from your Christmas account into your share account. You can open one at any time. No minimum deposit required. You deposit what you want, when you want. The account will automatically renew unless we are notified that you want the account closed. Early withdrawals are available with a $5.00 fee.

Certificates of Deposit

Certificates of Deposit or “CDs” are offered in increments of 90 Days, 6 Months, 1 Year, 18 Months and 2 Years. A minimum of $250 is required to open a Certificate of Deposit and a Maximum of $250,000.00 can be deposited. Early withdrawal will result in a penalty of 3 months worth of interest.

Loan Services


New Auto, Used Auto, RV, Home Equity, Personal, Share Secured, seasonal loans and more! Check our Rates for more information! Set up your repayments on a bi-weekly basis and save time and money.

Undergraduate Student Loan

Refinance your Student Loan Today!

We all know the importance of higher education and earning a college degree. Investment in higher education could yield high returns – for you career, your future, and your overall financial wellness.

And just like most, the path to higher education is not without a student loan. A student loan provides you the peace of mind that your education is paid for while you work toward getting your degree.

SCFCU Undergraduate Private Education Line-of-Credit

  • Variable rates
  • Flexible repayment and in-school deferment options
  • Easy online application and instant credit decision
  • Convenient line of credit structure allows you to get funding for your entire undergraduate career with just one application

Apply Today

*The APR for our undergraduate private education line-of-credit is variable and is based on the Prime index, plus a margin. The margin rate currently ranges between 3.00% and 5.00%, depending on the borrower’s or co-borrower's credit score at the time of application. The 'floor' rate for the loan will be 6.00%, meaning that your interest rate will never fall below this 'floor' rate.

Visa Credit Card

The VISA Credit Card has a minimum credit limit of $500, and a maximum limit of $10,000.00. The interest rate is fixed, at 9.9%. There is no annual fee with the credit card. You may also transfer the balances of your higher interest rate credit cards with no fee.

First Mortgages

Purchase, refinance, or construct your home with credit union financing. Contact the office if you need any assistance. To apply for a mortgage please contact our Mortgage Loan Officer, Pat Konen at 800-808-2662 option 1, extension 52446 or e-mail at:

Additional Services

Direct Deposits / Withdrawals

Direct Deposit (with employer capability) will be accepted for the convenience of our members who wish to have an allotment or net check deposited at the Credit Union. No hassles of trying to come to the office during regular hours to make your deposit.

We also accept automatic withdrawals for payments of utility bills, insurance, mortgage payments, etc.

Visa Debit Card

Use the VISA Debit Card in place of a check, or to withdraw money from an ATM machine. Any credit union owned machine (labeled CU$) is surcharge free, as well as area Sheetz stores. For a listing of credit union owned machines in the area logon to:

Mobile Banking

Use your cell phone to conduct transactions, as well as take a photo of checks for deposit purposes. Contact the office for details.

FREE Basic Notary Services

Wire Transfers - incoming, outgoing, international

FREE Financial Counseling


Single Deposit Savings

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The accuracy of this calculator and its applicability to your circumstances is not guaranteed. Results should be discussed with a qualified professional before any product purchases or loan commitments are made.